About Us

who we are

Allied Power Solution are leaders in rebuilt and remanufacturing of bigger engines. We handle over the road as well as industrial engines such as ones for mining equipment, ships and more, especially industrial Caterpillar engines!

Better Prices

We have better prices because we work with builders nationwide, so you get the better deal!

More Builders

Since we have nationwide builders, our goal is to get your engine in a local area near you at the cheapest price so our customer always benefits!

company history

Allied Power Solution is an expert in remanufactured engines with over 20 years of acquired know-how providing our customers with superior service.

Allied Power Solution (APS) of Yakima, Washington with builders and suppliers through out the USA, is a company offering Diesel and Natural Gas engines and Power Generators for sale, representing a number of partners and top independent builders. With years of experience, we save you money and quickly get you diesel engines, natural gas engines and power generators you need at low prices through our supply or our partners. Our clients are diverse as the engines and generators we sell, with commercial, industrial, marine customers in fields such as mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, marine and specialty on-the-road transportation and passenger trucks.

We started out selling remanufactured diesel engines and currently offer remanufactured, new, used and hard-to-find engines in order to better serve our clients’ needs. APS also provides rebuilding services when you need an engine or generator built to your specifications. Our company takes pride in its unbeatable combination of high quality and value.

Nationwide Locations To Ship Faster Worldwide!


Successful Remans

With our successful remans, we have repeat customers.


Successful Industrial Generators and Engines

Industrial engines and generators are hard to come by, we know, so we thank our customers on continual and repeat business.


Network Partners

We have several network partners, so you get the best prices and don't have to look elsewhere!