How to Extend your Engines and equipment’s Life. What’s the most important? –

A Magic oil additive? A Super fuel additive? Other mystical advice?

Maybe but-

This blog comes to you from a guy who worked as a paramedic in the field, ran an emergent demand emergency medical service and was involved at a high level with NASCAR race teams. And now sells diesel engines and power generators to folks that blew theirs up, I hear the many stories of how!

Of course, good quality industrial oil, fluids and routine maintenance make a difference.

But my advice is a CHECK OFF SHEET for your equipment or vehicle, that the operators mandatorily complete on everyday startup, shift change, before engine workloads and paychecks depend on filing it.

We’ve all done it- got into equipment, a truck, vehicle and started then put through its paces trusting everything’s ok, as usual – and have operators that do also.

All our emergency vehicles had pre shift check off sheets before going on duty- operators duty to sign and turn in at shift end and held accountable.

There’s not a successful race car /team out there that the car doesn’t go out of the shop, the race track garage and onto the racetrack before check off sheets are completely checked and signed off.


A good start-

General visual- a walk around- oil leaks, stains on the engine, ground, wiring condition, cleanliness,

Oil levels checked

Fluid levels- antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, lubrication, etc.

Air filters, air intake, battery(s) condition & connections.


How’s the engine sound /feel when it starts up- running well, running rough? alert lights?

any irregular smoke?  Other comments-


Vehicle and equipment walk arounds-

Light, turn signals, brakes check in working order, batteries, emergency lights.

Tires, condition, air pressure, thump check, wear.


Condition, turned over to you.

Others- fire extinguishers, supplies carried, etc.

Check off sheets before starting and after can find the little troubles that turn in to Big ones before they happen!

Routine Check off sheets may not only help your engine and equipment’s life but may save your butt in court someday/ “we check for that every shift!”-

And you might save yours or an employee’s jobs, that catches a problem before it blows up or wrecks on them.

You’ll be able to put a good check off sheet together off your needs- there are a ton of templates out there.

Put them in place, enforce and have accountability!

I can’t tell you how many engines we’ve sold to replace damages that could have been avoided!

Keep us in mind when you need quality replacement engines!