Remanufactured Cummins Engines

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Allied Power Solution offers Re-manufactured Cummins engines, & Rebuilt Cummins Engines for sale, fast, affordable and reliable.


Cummins Engines- Remanufactured, New Surplus and some New options. Also Offering Cummins Industrial, On and Off Road Engines for sale:

Cummins Remanufactured Models Available.

Cummins ISB
Cummins ISM
Cummins ISC
Cummins ISL
Cummins ISX
Cummins ISZ
Cummins M11
Cummins M Series
Cummins N14
Cummins N Series
Cummins NHC
Cummins NTC
Cummins L10
Cummins J Series
Cummins QSB
Cummins QSL
Cummins QSM
Cummins QSX
Cummins QSK
Cummins QST
Cummins KT19
Cummins KTA19
Cummins KTTA19
Cummins KT38
Cummins KTA38
Cummins KTTA38
Cummins KTA50
Cummins KTTA50
Cummins KT1150
Cummins VTA 28
Cummins VTA 903
Cummins V Series
Cummins VT Series
Cummins 5.9L 12 & 24 valve, 4BT, 6BT, 6BTA, 6CTA
Cummins NTA855

Why Choose Allied Power Solution For Your Cummins Remanufactured Engine?

Which is the best engine option for you vehicle needs, remanufactured or new?

Experience the power of Allied Power Solution rebuilt Cummins engines! Our Cummins Engines are the best in the business. Whether you are looking  for a remanufactured Cummins ISB or a remanufactured Cummins ISM we have ALL models and we got you covered! To power small industrial equipment or are looking to upgrade we will get you up and running. The Cummins rebuilt Engine is a workhorse in its own right offering torque when you need it and the durability to run at full load for long periods of time.

We offer ALL types of Cummins Engines: Longblocks and Complete Engines, whatever your needs we have it! 

If you are planning to replace your damaged vehicle engine, this review will notify you why purchasing a remanufactured engine is better than considering a brand new one.  A remanufactured cummins engine refers to an engine type remanufactured to the initial blueprints and exact descriptions, and which is tried out to the primal equipment standards.  If your vehicle engine is dead or dying, there are various paths you can take. First, you can choose to replace your vehicle, but that might seem foolish, especially if that vehicle of concern was bought recently. Instead, you should consider buying a remanufactured engine.

Cummins Engine Industrial Applications:
Some models, like the Cummins 4BT Engines are primarily used in industrial applications. The engine was primarily installed in step vans and “bread trucks” for delivering packages around metro areas. 4BT engines are also very popular in skid steers, loaders, dozers, forklifts, manlifts, wood chippers, RVs, shuttle vans, pumps, generators, street sweepers and baggage carts.  Some Cummins 4BT engines are also in use in small boats and bilge pumps but mainly use in over the road vehicles.

Allied Power Solution Gurantee

1.You will get  Premium Remanufactured Cummins Engines 

All components of the remanufactured Cummins engines that we sell at Allied Power Solution are superior quality, and are tested and approved before we supply them to our different esteemed customers. Be certain you will get a remanufactured engine that is of superior quality, which will stand the taste of time and service your car for years if not decades without facing any replacement or repair needs once you consider our items. 

2.Allied Power Solution is Licensed and Bonded 

If you opt to purchase a remanufactured engine, it is important that you secure the item from a company which is licensed in order to be sure you are cooperating with a firm that is legally in business. Allied Power Solution is licensed and hence by considering our remanufactured Cummins engines, it means you will be securing a greater product from a firm that is legit and authorized to sell such products by the Washington state.  Since at Allied Power Solution we have insured our items and company in general, once you buy our engines, any losses or damage you face, and which is because of the errors of our business will make you compensated. 

3.Our Remanufactured Engines are High Quality yet Affordable 

Though our remanufactured Cummins engines function on a similar level as brand new ones, they are low-priced in comparison. Be assured of a product that is of premium quality and hence very reliable yet affordable once you consider the remanufactured engines we sell at our company. 

Bottom Line   In case you want to enquire anything about our remanufactured Cummins engines or how to locate us when in need of our products, do not hesitate to call us now for free consultations and estimates on all the items we sell.