Remanufactured Caterpillar 3066 Engine For Sale

Remanufactured Caterpillar 3066 Engine

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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3066 Engine’s for sale! Allied Power Solution sells reman and used Cat 3066 engines for sale!

The Caterpillar 3066 engine is dependable and can push out a total power of 143 hp. From its design, it was clear that the manufacturer intended to back the comfort of the user by minimizing the intensity of vibrations and amount of sound produced. The Caterpillar 3066 is a 6-cylinder turbocharged system designed for dependability, conservation, and low radiations that will keep the application operating at maximum performance. Cat 3066 is mostly used for construction, agriculture, industry, and heavy equipment.

 What makes Cat 3066 engine a candidate for remanufacturing

Users who opt to replace their Cat 3066 engines normally have the urge to do so due to some reason. With time, we have noted prevalent themes and problems that are usually described as the causes of the replacement of the Cat engine. Regarding this, we have compiled a list of the concerns, some of which regrettably mean the engine is at the end of its service, but some are flexible.

  • Cracked Cylinder head
  • Over Fueling
  • Spun Crankshaft bearings
  • Scored liners and piston
  • Limited oil/and oil pressure
  • Dropped valves
  • Roller/lifter failure
  • Camshaft failure
  • Connecting rod failure
  • Crankshaft failure
  • Excessive Blow-By

Several issues as listed above could harm your Cat 3066 engine. Some are worse leaving you with an option to replace it. Some only need a few new parts. Moreover, in the nonexistence of these aforementioned cases, maybe your Cat 3066 engine only requires a well-earned remanufacturing. Probably, time, cost, and availability will influence your decision-making.



A severe breakdown would be enough reason to go for a remanufactured Cat 3066 engine. Still, some other engine failures recurring after a short time should also prompt you to think of going for a remanufactured engine. A remanufactured Cat 3066 engine could also be the best option if you are on a fixed budget.

With a dedicated team of mechanics and engine builders, a full core disassembling, inspection, cleaning, and machining of the engine will transform the otherwise dormant system into a valuable engine. The procedure ensures perfect engine quality.

The method of remanufacturing Cat 3066 engines implies they are made with both new and Reman parts. Note, the Reman Cat 3066 is not refurbished or made of reconditioned engine parts rather, a total rebuild of the old Cat 3066 engine back to the OEM specifications.

Why choosing remanufactured Caterpillar 3066 is recommended.

  • Resource productivity


Caterpillar 3066 Engine For Sale

Remanufacturing is all about product-life lengthening. It reduces the rate at which resources flow through the economy, therefore, reducing resource exhaustion and waste quantities, and the associated impacts on the environment.

Remanufacturing has a definitive impact on improving resource productivity with the continuation of the serviceable life of equipment, parts, and engines by turning it possible to operate old machines. For engines that are no longer built, and for which initial spare parts have disappeared in the market, remanufacturing allows the sustained operation of facilities that otherwise would have to be discarded for lacking important components. It is such a mode of operation that makes remanufactured Caterpillar 3066 cheaper for buyers.

Waste prevention

Remanufacturing also has to attain its optimization regarding waste restriction. Some of the approaches promoted by Caterpillar for its operations plants, like paint overspray recovery and consequent paint recycling are not attainable for the remanufacturing facility. This is because of its considerably smaller quantities of engines to paint. Notwithstanding, an analysis would require weighing the overall waste produced in manufacturing and remanufacturing. The truth is, all waste resulting from remanufacturing plants is recycled through techno-scientific companies.



Remanufacturing further reduces the effects of toxic matter on the environment; the greatest environmental challenge in the Cat remanufacturing plant is the washing task of the old engines.


Another commendable advancement in the cleaning process by Caterpillar during the remanufacturing of Cat 3066 is attained by top-notch testing conducted before the cleaning. During remanufacturing, every component is examined for quality standards, which implies that components that may not be remanufactured get unnecessarily cleaned. The reason for this is mostly that mechanics prefer working on clean components and thus cleanse them for efficiency before carrying out the quality checkups.

Besides these significant gains remanufacturing offers to the outside world, there are the obvious advantages that come your way as the direct user. We pride ourselves in the remanufactured Caterpillar 3066. If you want to shop for a remanufactured engine that will meet all your needs, simply settle for this, and rest assured that you’ve found the right engine.