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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3176

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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3176 Engine’s for sale! Allied Power Solution sells reman and used Cat 3176 engines for sale!

The Cat 3176 is a marine engine that can produce up to 600 horsepower when operated at 2,300 revolutions per minute. When operated at 1,600 revolutions per minute, the engine can give a peak torque of 1,889 pound-feet. It is a four-stroke cycle, six-cylinder diesel engine. The cylinder bore and stroke piston features a diameter of 4.92 inches and 5.51 inches long respectively. Its compression ratio is 16 to 1. With a dry weight of 2,590 pounds, Caterpillar 3176 is 39.5 inches tall, 38 inches wide and 60.8 inches long. It’s important to highlight that the dry weight describes the weight of the engine when it is empty- no fuel or any other necessary fluid.

If you landed on this article seeking solutions for your dreadfully failed engine then consider your engine problems half-solved. However, that will depend on whether you will take or reject our recommendation- about choosing a remanufactured Cat engine. Remanufactured 3176 is an absolute solution. Note, not everything is lost when your Cat 3176 is damaged. Some helpful re-usable external elements can still be salvaged from it and be turned into part of a remanufactured engine.


The remanufacturing process seeks to keep expert levels of service regardless of the job. In the field of remanufacturing of Caterpillar 3176, the engineers always guarantee an agreeable level of quality. The same is maintained by doing a complete dismantling, cleaning, examining, and lastly, machining the engine into one unit. This applies to all remanufactured engines before they are taken out for display.

The advantages of acquiring a remanufactured Caterpillar engine

Remanufacturing is the process of bringing back to life a broken, damaged, or piece of machinery approaching the end of their useful lives to a brand-new and operational condition in the manufacturing setting. Caterpillar, the manufacturer of 3176 engines is the world’s top manufacturer of diesel, diesel-electric, and natural gas locomotives.


It is in the public domain that the aforementioned manufacturer has been at the bar of manufacturing quality engines and other products. Similarly, purchasing one of its remanufactured engines like 3176 is a viable idea.

Cat 3176 Engine For Sale

Below are some of the things that make them recommendable.

Comparable quality to the new engines.

Despite the false reputation that remanufactured engines are prone to breaking, the reality is that they are not. According to most users giving honest accounts of their experiences, remanufactured engines maintained the quality reputation of their brand-new counterparts. Additionally, Caterpillar Reman engines adhere to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and stipulations.


During the remanufacturing of Cat 3176, some steps are critically followed to attain the OEM standards and stipulations. First, the used engine is disassembled, enhanced, repowered, and reconditioned. With the thorough inspection during the process, the quality of the resulting engine is excellent. Notably, the checks exceed those undertaken on new engines during manufacturing.


Remanufactured engines are affordable.


Due to remanufacturing, a great deal of saving is achieved and the resulting engines marketed are relatively affordable compared to the new ones. According to research done on the cost of remanufacturing, the process only needs 60% fewer resources relative to the production of the new unit. The fact that remanufactured engine components are marketed at 40% of the cost of new ones while the same guarantee is kept is appealing.


Engine remanufacturing is sustainable


The remanufactured Cat engines have few adverse effects on the environment. Perhaps, this is good news to those interested in striking a balance between having an efficient, affordable, and quality engine and a less polluted environment without spending a lot.


The remanufacturing contributes to less greenhouse gas production, minimal energy waste; reduced amounts of raw materials used, and limited landfill waste and water utilization. It is true that when you choose to acquire the remanufactured 3176 engine, you will attain your power goals with the added advantage of taking care of tomorrow’s need for a sustainable environment. That guarantees them and the future generation a better life.


Keep in mind that remanufacturing is a process amounting to exchange between product users and remanufacturers. The products have similar dependability and quality as the new products.


From the start, letting you know that a Caterpillar engine displayed is remanufactured is absolute honesty. Why? Many people won’t distinguish a new engine from a remanufactured one. Indeed, from the superficial appearance and performance, the term “Remanufactured” is just a name. Otherwise, both will offer you services to your satisfaction.