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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3196

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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3196 Engine’s for sale! Allied Power Solution sells reman and used Cat 3196 engines for sale!

The Caterpillar 3196 is a diesel engine that usable in different motors. However, the 3196B variant is mostly used as a boat engine. The 3196 was released in 1999. It matches the International Maritime Organization diesel engine emissions specifications.

The aspiration system for this Cat engine uses a turbocharged-after cooling plan. On the other hand, the engine regulator is electronic. For the interest of those who want to use it for the sea, the engine has standard equipment that features a cooling mode with a seawater pump with a rubber impeller and gear-propelled jacket water pump. Another feature is an expansion tank that has a heat exchanger as well as a thermostat with a 198F full open temperature. Further, the exhauster setting has a water-cooled turbocharger and manifold with 6-inches long round flanged outlet.


The Cat 3196 also has a vibration guard and damper. Usually, the available accessory kit is a fuel cooler, engine-to-engine line harness, engine vision display layout, electric starting device, monitoring system transmission cooler, digital tachometer, Chrome conversion system, crankshaft pulley, throttle state sensor, spare parts kit, and low profile air inlet path or line, and shield among others.

Likely Caterpillar 3196 concerns and replacement alternatives.

When your Cat 3196 engine starts to develop some mechanical issues that may hinder its performance, you will have two options to sort it out: To purchase a new one or go for the remanufactured alternative. Some engine problems may be solved through some basic troubleshooting while others may be beyond that. The decision as to whether to buy a new engine to replace it or buy a remanufactured one will be influenced by other factors. These are the time and resources available. With all the feasible solutions and with the reflection of money and time concerns, remanufacturing will remain the ideal solution.

Cat 3196 Engine For Sale

Why is remanufacturing something you should think about when replacing your Caterpillar 3196 engine? Here are the reasons.

  • The remanufactured engine reflects the quality of a new engine.

As noted by some Cat 3196 long-time users, the remanufactured engine can keep the same quality as their new equivalents. This comes as a result of critical adherence to the Original Equipment Manufacturer standards also termed as OEM standards.  In the remanufacturing setting, the Cat 3196 engine is disassembled, enhanced, and repowered. Owing to the detailed inspection of the possible defects of the remanufactured engine, a great level of performance is attainable. Contrarily, this measure of examination is not attainable in new engines even with the much-hyped and widely known state of being “brand-new.” It only takes a keen observer to realize that a new engine may not necessarily perform better than a remanufactured engine.

  • Remanufactured Cat 3196 is cheaper

As a result of the methods used in making the remanufactured engines, it becomes easy to save during the process. The saving is then passed on to the end-user as they purchase the remanufactured engines. Are you aware that the remanufacturing of the Caterpillar 3196 engine demands about 60% fewer resources supply than the production of a new engine of the same type? This is arrived at as the parts of the remanufactured engine are sold at 40% of the value of the new part. This is the case with the guarantee still kept constant. If you are on a budget and you need to get your system running efficiently then this is the option for you!

  • It is a sustainable alternative

Effects of manufacturing on the environment have been significant. As a result, concern has been drawn to how the impacts can be reduced. Both the automotive manufacturers and the concerned regulatory organizations have taken center stage in dealing with that. As they do their part, end-users should also play their role and endeavor to emulate the measures.

Like other remanufactured engines, Caterpillar 3196 has the lowest impact on the environment as compared to their counterparts- the new engines. First, the remanufacturing of the Cat 3196 engines produces low quantities of greenhouse gas and reduces the demand for raw materials. Additionally, it reduces energy waste and restrains water usage and landfill garbage. Having that in mind, it is, therefore, true to say when you choose such an engine you will have achieved a lot- meeting energy needs while taking care of the environment.