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Remanufactured Caterpillar 3516

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Diesel engines constitute at least 80 percent of the entire on-site production in the United States. Though, few diesel engine buyers presumably understand the importance of modifying their engines to use natural gas in conjunction with diesel fuel. Some diesel engine modifications like this can assist hospitals, manufacturers, hotels, and other amenities that depend on reliable backup power setups to cope with weather-associated interruptions to diesel fuel supplies for crucial on-site generators. Also, dual fuel users lately avoid liability and the cost of huge diesel storage tanks. Additionally, such modifications lead to great utility power preservations through peak saving.

Remanufacturing is the practice of rehabilitating broken, damaged and merchandise approaching the end of their serviceable lives to be as good as new the product in the manufacturing conditions. Presumably, you already know that Caterpillar is one of the leading products.


Essentially, aggressive marketing would help a manufacturer make good sales and better returns. However, quality will keep their products at the bar to beat other competitive manufacturers. That is exactly what has kept Caterpillar at the top of engine manufacturers’ rank- Caterpillar engines are of high quality.

Cat 3516 For Sale

Either new or remanufactured, the Caterpillar 3516 engine rocks the locomotive industry. It is one of those Caterpillar engines still trusted and used globally despite their old age. The original Caterpillar 3516 might have fallen short of some innovations that we are witnessing today in the contemporary world of inventions. Luckily, the remanufactured versions of the old engines have helped them catch up with the innovations. The biggest question is, are remanufactured engines worth buying? Yes. Given the quality, there are certainly advantages of buying a remanufactured engine by Caterpillar. Here are some of the advantages of such engines over the new ones.

 The same quality as the new engine

Although remanufactured engines have, in some instances, suffered the reputation of old and inefficient products, the truth is far from that. Remanufactured Cat engines can keep the quality impression of their original engines. To be precise, they meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer guidelines and specs commonly referred to as OEM guidelines and specifications.

With the detailed process of remanufacturing involving disassembling, improving, repowering, and reconditioning, a top-notch and most sought-after level of performance is attainable. To that level, the checks possible during the remanufacturing of engines are rare in new engine production methods. This is one of the reasons why such engines are favorable for those seeking an affordable yet efficient engine.



Remanufacturing offers an opportunity for cheaper parts. Therefore, huge savings are possible leading to relatively cheaper engines in respect to their new counterparts. Note, to produce a remanufactured engine, you will need approximately 60% fewer resources compared to when producing a new engine. This is possible since remanufactured items are marketed at only 40% of the amount of brand-new ones with the same guarantee maintained.

Remanufacturing comes with sustainability advantages.

Have you ever thought beyond meeting your power needs while using your engine? Well, there is more than what meets the eye. Although meeting our energy needs is primary, we also ought to think about the effects of engine production and use on the environment for sustainable use. Gladly, reman Caterpillar engines have minimal effects on the environment when matched with the new engines. The good news is that their manufacturing contributes to significantly low amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Further, it leads to reduced energy dissipation, decreased demand for more raw materials for use, and limits water consumption and landfill waste. Buying a remanufactured engine is a great deal of balance between meeting your energy goals- you’ll be sure of an efficient engine while taking care of the next generation’s affairs.


It is worth pointing out that remanufacturing program is an exchange affair. The remanufactured commodities are not used goods rather; they have quality and dependability similar to those of new products.


As a dealer that has impressed affordable, sustainable, and quality products, we are proud to have the Caterpillar 3516 engine in our stock. The fact that this engine made for construction and heavy equipment, as well as marine applications guarantees our clients satisfaction and return for their money is breathtaking. Here is the one-stop-shop for all your energy needs regarding the mentioned uses! Many customers have quenched their thirst for a reliable engine with the Caterpillar 3516, and perhaps, you are the next happy customer on the line.