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Cat C18 Engines For Sale

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Offering the best selection of cat c18 engines for sale and Caterpillar C18 Power units! Are you looking for a remanufactured or rebuilt Caterpillar C18 engine for sale? We have builders nationwide so we can get the best prices, best shipping and fastest delivery!

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C18 Power Units Caterpillar C18 Power Units

C18 cat engines for sale -When it comes to Caterpillar C18’s Allied Power Solution hands down has the best assortment, ready to build and even have some used ones on hand most times!



Remanufacturing is the process of renovating, broken, damaged, or products such as machinery that are nearing their usable lives to have a working variant with performance greater or similar to the new item.

For anyone who has been in the automotive industry either as a sale or user, it’s clear that Caterpillar is the top-notch manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives and diesel/gas engines.

During the remanufacturing process, the parts are rubbed clean, engines are re-assembled and repairs are carried out to salvageable parts. Caterpillar is well-known for its consistency in the provision of this service. This comes as a reward of persistent emphasis on quality and pocket-friendly services that save the customer making them choose the remanufactured engines against their counterparts. Our remanufacturing is also favored by its impact on other components that other companies have overlooked.

There are various gains of remanufacturing impacted on the clients, the economy, and the environment just to mention a few.

Undoubtedly, a caterpillar engine is the best option for anyone having quality as a priority. Besides the new engines, there are greater advantages to come with the remanufactured 

Caterpillar C18 Engines. Here are some of the benefits to note.

C18 Cat Industrial and Agriculture Engines For Sale

C18 Power Units

Looking for C18 Power Units? Allied Power Solution offers the biggest inventory and quickest rebuilt C18 Power Units hands down! Our vast team of builders nationwide of C18’s mean that we can offer the best price, the best selection and fastest turnaround!
Caterpillar C18 Power Units For Sale

Caterpillar C18 Power Units For Sale

Our Promise

The original quality is maintained

Remanufacturing caterpillar engines doesn’t mean coming up with a completely different product but a modification that improves its quality while keeping its original quality image. The remanufacturing attains the original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) procedures and specifications. With the strict conformation to the OEM guidelines, you should rest assured that the final product will perform just like the original.

The old engines are disassembled, enhanced, reconditioned, and repowered to the best. The state of the remanufactured engines is excellent because each part is vigorously inspected for defects. Ironically, most of the remanufactured engines end up being the most reliable since the checks are usually absent in the new engines from the manufacturing procedures. 

It is pocket-friendly

Another major gain from remanufacturing to the customer is the lower cost of production that is passed on from the manufacturer. A remanufactured product is less costly in terms of energy and materials for the manufacturer to recreate it instead of building it from scratch. The final products will save resources cutting at least 40% as compared to the new production. Again, the remanufacturing parts go for about 40% of the cost of new ones.

Remanufactured engines are sustainable.

A remanufactured caterpillar engine is environmentally friendly as opposed to the brand-new one. With this, there will be fewer emissions of toxic gases, and the need for utilization of raw materials. Other advantages include the reduction of energy use and landfill waste in addition to water wastage.

Suitable for business

For both the customer and the manufacturer, the remanufacturing program offers a business opportunity. Clients get the opportunity to bring back utilized products in return for the remanufactured ones. For caterpillar engine manufacturers, this offers an opportunity to help customers and lower the operating charges as well. The Cat Reman parts give the excellence and correctness of new Cat components at a more economical cost. At the end of the process, a win-win solution for the manufacturer and the customer is reached.

Cat C18 Engines For Sale

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C18 Power Unit

C18 Power Unit

Caterpillar C18 Power Unit
Caterpillar C18 Generators

Caterpillar C18 Generators